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Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream
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Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream review - Fat Burning Cream
The thought of a 6 pack is possible with revolutionary cream that in short time will reduce love handles and waist size. Works by preventing localized fat deposits by using extracts of Guarana and Bitter Orange, both rich in Hesperetin, which enhances Lipolysis, the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells (don't worry we had to look it up too). 

In clinical studies, volunteers applied cream once a day for 28 days after which 86 percent experienced abdominal reduction and some users reduced waist size up to 1.8 inches. Wow. Great for hips, bottom and thighs too.

Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream

Weight :
4 ounces

Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream Ingredients :
Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane & Guarana

Directions :
Gently massage into areas to be treated in upward circular motion. Massage regularly morning and night. It is a leave-on product.

Successful Testimonials for How to lose belly fat with fat burning cream product
ive been using this for a month or two seems to be working but im also losing weight and watching what i eat so its probably the combo of the two. by sheckler