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Vichy Destock Belly
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Vichy Destock Belly review - Fat Burning Cream
It's something that women know: the stomach is a real weak point. The reasons for this include poor diet, a sedentary life and genetic characteristics that are hard to combat. 

It's no accident that you build up fat most easily on the belly: there's a greater presence of receptors for adipose tissue there than in any other part of the body. Over the years, problems like a lack of tone and sagging skin tend to get worse: despite the effort put in, exercise focusing on this area may not be enough. 

VICHY INNOVATION. 1st slimming and firming treatment with proven efficacy on the stomach, which combines: A slimming active of reference, 5% Pure Caffeine, associated to green coffee extract which promotes the release of lipids and prevent the reformation of fat deposits. Pro-Tensor vegetal peptides to re-densify firming tissues. Clinical results tested on stomach. Self-efficacy: flat, reduced belly. Works in sinergy with physical exercise: Improves and helps getting faster results when exercising: stomach 70% firmer in 28 days.

It also includes camphor, which has a toning effect and creates a sensation of warmth when in contact with the skin through vasodilation of the blood vessels, and menthol, which gives a feeling of immediate freshness. Non-sticky texture. Easy to apply and immediate absorbtion. Paraben free Allergy-tested Apply mornings and/or evenings.

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150 ml

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