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Cleopatra Crema Adelgazante
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Cleopatra Crema Adelgazante review - Fat Burning Cream

Cleopatra Crema Adelgazante (Firming Cream) 8oz

Weight :
8 ounces

Cleopatra Crema Adelgazante Ingredients :
Camphor, Beeswax, Lanolin, Vegetable Emulsions, Menthol.

Directions :
Apply with light massages on the areas that you want to sweat. Use while doing your daily chores and while goint to the gym to increase water loss.

Successful Testimonials for How to lose belly fat with Fat Burning Cream product
I have used this product for years. My mother is Dominican and introduced me to it. I used the cream mostly around my belly and thighs while doing cardio workouts. I don't really sweat during workouts but this will definitely help you sweat a lot. The camphor works with your body heat and makes your skin hot, therefore you sweat. It works even better with those sweat belts, or plastic jogging suits. I am not sure I believe that this product burns fat, but my some people swear that camphor does burn fat. My double chin is gone. by A.Merei