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Wrap Yourself Slim Mens Complete Body Wrap Kit
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Wrap Yourself
Wrap Yourself Slim Mens Complete Body Wrap Kit review - Men Belly Fat
The Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wrap for Men kit contains a clay specially formulated for men which, when applied as directed, tightens and firms the dermis including problem areas such as beer belly, man boobs, and love handles. The clay is infused with green tea and bitter orange essential oil which works to prevent loss of testosterone deep in the layers of men's skin enhancing and encouraging the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits.

Whether you want to look your best at the beach, feel more confident in the gym and pool, or just feel a little more comfortable in your suit this body wrap kit can help!

For guys who are already in great shape body wraps can help maximize and emphasize the muscle definition. If you've worked hard for the ultimate beach body take it the final step with a body wrap - as well as tightening the skin the clay cleanses and detoxes leaving your torso super smooth and touchable! Body wraps also give bodybuilders an edge over the competition by emphasizing muscle definition and striations.

Wrap Yourself Slim Mens Complete Body Wrap Kit

This comprehensive kit contains:

1. 16oz Men's Clay - enough clay for 4 complete body wraps or 8 torso applications

2. Sauna Suit - one size fits all, easy to wear, two-piece Sauna Suit minimizes the amount of heat that escapes during your body wrap treatment, increasing metabolic rate (burning calories) and perspiration (nature's own detox), as well as opening the skin's pores to allow cleansing.

3. 15 Professional Quality Body Wrap Bandages - wider and longer than other cloth bandages giving consistent compression and a good overlap with no bulging or tight areas. These bandages are easy to apply and can be washed and reused without losing their elasticity.

4. Dry skin brush - for exfoliation and stimulation of the skin prior to the application of the body wrap.

5. Tape Measure, Chart, Full Instructions