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Raspberry Ketones
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Raspberry Ketones review - Weight Loss Pills
Contains 500 mg of the highest quality Raspberry Ketones, recommended by Dr. Oz as part of a healthy weight loss program, and a 900 mg blend of: L-carnitine, African Mango, Cocoa Extract, and Green Tea. Note: We have a new look! The label on your order may look different, but all nutrition facts are the same. 

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Raspberry Ketones by CBH (500mg) plus African Mango, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, and Cocoa Bean Extract

Directions :
Take two capsules daily with meals.

How to LOSS WEIGHT with Weight Loss Pills product
This product is a combination product that does seem to give me more energy. Those that are sensitive to caffeine should be careful! I would recommend taking it at breakfast and lunch, but not dinner. Sometimes I wake up at 4 am for no reason. Never used to. It didn't happen with the other RK product, but it does with this one. I am fairly skeptical, but do think this product is effective at both weight loss and appetite suppression. Seems my abdomen is getting smaller. It also seems fairly thermogenic (you may feel hotter). by APC