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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss
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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss - Weight Loss eBook

Introducing Macro-Patterning™ (aka - Carb Cycling Trickery). Your Rapid Fat Loss Solution.

In order to take advantage of all the metabolic enhancing effects of carbs while avoiding their nasty fat storing properties, you have to incorporate some simple metabolic trickery…

Simply put, Macro-Patterning™ is a simple way for you to outsmart your metabolism by using various types of lower carb deplete days in a strategic sequence during the week to triple the effectiveness of exercise and burn more fat – while using a variety of higher carb and cheat days on other targeted days of your week to simultaneously keep your metabolism humming along and gaining lean, toned muscle tissue.

This is the secret to helping you continuously overcome the “Adaptive Response” that stops you from losing weight – while keeping it simple and fun at the same exact time. 

And by using this strategy and approach, you’ll keep ALL your fat burning hormones happy so you’re maintaining a fat burning environment day in and day out 24/7.

Simply put, almost every low carb plan and diet on the planet doesn’t address life WITHOUT dieting. 

They don’t take into consideration that eventually you’re going to say, “screw it” and stop obsessing with food, party a little on the weekends, and live it up at social functions during the week. 

This is where the the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan and methods differentiate in a big way. 

After all these years, I would have to be a complete idiot not to recognize that everybody who wants to burn fat and get super lean still wants to have a freakin’ life while they follow a structured nutrition plan!

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“After being stuck at the same weight for over a year straight I there was no hope. Then I was introduced to Shaun and decided to try the macro-patterning system for 14 days. The results were amazing so I decided to get a little more serious and tried Shaun’s 7 Day Diet. I lost ten pounds in less than 7 days and I was hooked! Everything is laid out and there’s no guesswork. I now have more time for my family and myself and look forward to my cheat days.

I highly recommend the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program to everyone. It’s easy to follow and there’s no way I’ll ever stop this way of eating and living. It makes me a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend because I have a structured plan to follow. Shaun has shown me a proven system and I tell everyone about this amazing gift he has given me. Thanks Shaun!”

Colleen Kashawlic
Recreation Coordinator and Super Mom

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